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04/01/2018 - 12:38

Viva boss launches ‘Walk Out’ programme

“You look like idiots!”

The words of Viva boss Tony Garner as me and Hannah are marching on the spot at our desks trying to cram in 250 steps before the hour is up. Yes, we’ve joined the Fitbit family!

Viva Walk Out

It’s January, and yes, the Viva crew have joined the hordes of people on the #NewYearNewYou bandwagon.

But, as a way of giving the whole team a boost, Tony has launched the ‘Walk Out’ programme - an additional 20 minutes of break time each day for the whole of January to go out for a walk. And if successful, it may be extended.

Taking our first stroll out of the Rawtenstall office yesterday, we had a little friendly competition to see who could get the furthest in the time. I even managed to throw in a quick jog up and down the 45 steps opposite the building (not that I was counting of course!)

Although this may just be a New Year fad and we’ll be back to our cake, bikkies and sweets within the month, it is certainly making us take more notice of our activity levels.

Walking has been proven to have a number of benefits, including:

Burning calories:

This one is the main driver in the Viva office at the moment as people have pledged to fight the flab and get fit or die trying. By adding a 20-minute walk to your daily routine, you can burn an additional 100 calories a day.

Improve mental health:

I’m sure you’ll agree that it gets to mid-afternoon and your energy levels start to slump. Well, a walk can help to clear the head, calm you down, and help reduce depression and raise self-esteem. Cheaper than therapy, right?

Curb those sugar cravings:

Anyone that knows the Viva team will know that we’re partial to a few sweet treats. But according to studies from the University of Exeter, a 15-minute walk can curb cravings for chocolate and even reduce the amount of chocolate you eat in stressful situations.

Sleep better:

A regular brisk walk can also help you sleep better and feel more alert throughout the day. And according to The Telegraph, sleep is good for you. Who would have thought!

Lowers blood pressure:

Walking not only lowers blood pressure, it also reduces body weight, BMI and body fat too. Maybe those scales can come out of hiding soon?

So, watch this space to see how we get on throughout January and if our ‘Walk Out’ programme is here to stay. If you see us marching past you in Rawtenstall, say hi!