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  • Phil Halpin, Mocha

Making It

Perfect script to bring film alive

Making It:

We were asked for a script to take to a pitch meeting for a video called Making it. Here’s the skinny. Mocha wanted to offer the client a film that told an engaging story about the long-term strength of the Advanced Manufacturing sector across the Liverpool City Region. Phil Halpin from Mocha felt the brief represented a great opportunity to make something that really stands out – something that felt more like an advert for a high end sports cars than a corporate video about manufacturing. It had to be an exciting snapshot that combined the prestige of existing manufacturing assets, with the strength of the world leading research taking place across the region.

Oh. And did I mention this was on Tuesday and the pitch was Friday!

What did we do?

Short answer: nailed it, first time. Long answer: burned the midnight oil, researched every manufacturing business in Liverpool and produced a script that jumped off the page and screamed ‘Film me!

The pitch

Home run. Mocha, armed with their track record and our script, aced the pitch and won the gig. A few weeks later Making It the film was premiered.

The movie

You've heard the pre-amble, now watch the film: