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Mulderrigs Solicitors Limited
  • "We felt we had uncovered a good story but Viva were able to give it the sort of platform it really deserved. Their approach is polished and effective and I will happily use Viva again. In fact, I was so pleased with the result that I immediately emailed 2,000 of my business contacts and recommended Viva.”
  • Paul Mulderrig
, Mulderrigs Solicitors Limited

Mulderrigs Solicitors Limited

A campaign to highlight work injustice hit national media.


Personal injury specialists Mulderrigs Solicitors Limited turned to Viva when they uncovered a worrying trend. Working on a client’s accident at work case, they discovered that some firms were working without up-to-date Employers’ Liability Insurance. This means their workers aren’t covered if they suffer an accident at work and therefore won’t be able to receive any compensation for the injuries they have sustained.


Having discovered three similar cases in a matter of months, Mulderrigs wanted to expose the issue as a cause for real concern. They wanted to make employees of all firms aware of what was happening, and warn them to check their firm had cover. By law, firms should have their certificate of Employers’ Liability Insurance on show quite clearly in their place of work.


For maximum impact we realised immediately the need to show the real human cost of these cases, which were otherwise very dry technical offences. In other words, it was case study time. Mulderrigs allowed us to speak to a victim who had suffered an accident at work while carrying a marble slab up a flight of stairs. Mulderrigs believed they had a strong case for a substantial compensation claim, somewhere close to £10,000, until they discovered the client’s firm had no Employers’ Liability Insurance in place. This meant our case study ‘victim’ Trevor would not receive a penny.

Part of our strategy was to include a key message warning all employees to check they were covered. Having put together the case study and covering release to explain the situation to journalists.
We decided to try to gain maximum publicity by approaching a national newspaper and offering them the story exclusively. We knew the Daily Mirror were running a ‘Protect Our Workers’ campaign and felt this case would be of interest to their campaign team. We were right.

The Result:

The Mirror team ran the story in December, under the headline ‘Don’t Risk A Boss Like Her’, and included a photograph of the employer who had failed to renew the cover. The story was later distributed to regional and trade press.